Do animals show any special care towards our children?

Answer on @Quora by @AdrianaHeguy to Do animals show any special care towards our children? ❤ – Xochielt Sanchez

Answer by Adriana Heguy:

"Animals" is a big category. I'm not sure a bee knows that a child is a member of the same species as the parent. But even an insect may know, if the chemical identifier is the same. For examples, mosquitoes will bite human adults and children just the same.

But I'm guessing the OP wants to know about domestic animals, for example dogs. I'm sure that dogs know that children are human. They seem to know very well that they are the young ones in their human pack. There are countless examples of dogs being protective of human babies or children, and showing special gentleness for human children.

This is not surprising given that dogs are social animals just like us, and that they are protective and gentle with puppies as well.

I have one little anecdote to illustrate the point. My female dog, Lola is a pitbull mix that we rescued from the city shelter; she is friendly to people and loves visitors, but she loves to play "rough", for example we have a thick rope with which she loves playing tug-of-war and she is a powerhouse! She will pull very hard and sometimes I feel she'll pop my shoulder out! I'm exaggerating but this is to say that when it comes to tug-of-war, she does not hold back! She also does not let go until I give her the command to drop the rope. So once some friends visited with their 7 year old daughter, who loves dogs. Immediately the little girl went for the rope, and Lola went for the other end. I got up as fast as I could to intervene, having mental images of the little girl splattered against the wall from Lola's vigorous rope thrashing. But hey, Lola grabbed the rope in her jaws and gently shook her head from side to side,

playing with the girl but not really pulling at all! She actually let the little girl win! I was astonished. Somehow Lola knew that she could not pull as hard as she does when she plays with me or with my grown sons or with my other dog, Nero. She knew she had to be gentle and not use her usual force.

I couldn't resist posting a picture of Lola being cute on her bed. There is a mind behind those eyes. I have no doubt.

Do animals show any special care towards our children?


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