What does Robert Frost think of the novel “The Martian”?

– Xochielt Sanchez

Answer by Robert Frost:

A clever, exciting, and humorous story about an astronaut left behind on Mars.

The Ares 3 mission has barely been on Mars for a week when a devastating dust storm hits.  NASA orders the crew to evacuate.  During the evacuation one crew member is believed killed by debris.  Mark Watney awakens to find himself alone on the planet Mars with a few months supplies, but at least four years before anyone could come to rescue him, if they even knew he'd survived.

"The Martian" is a hard sci-fi look at what a resourceful and well trained individual can do when facing near certain failure.  The story is told largely through Watney's mission logs.  He's a funny and optimistic guy – even on his worst days his logs are entertaining.

As a NASA geek, I don't find the space stuff to be 100% realistic – for example Watney's use of airlocks is a lot less arduous than real-life – but it is one of the most plausible sci-fi books I've read.  I wonder if the technical stuff that I so enjoyed in the story might be less interesting to a non-NASA geek.

It's a fast paced read.  I started reading it Sunday morning and didn't put it down until I reached the end.  I recommend it.

What does Robert Frost think of the novel "The Martian"?


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