How long do you count before throwing a grenade?

Interesting – Xochielt Sanchez

Answer by Noam Kaiser:

You DON'T count before throwing a grenade.
You count AFTER throwing it.

I'll explain.

Having pulled the pin out, the grenade still does not go off.
If you are holding it correctly, the trigger – that's the long "handle" to the side of the grenade, hasn't been released yet.

Here's a standard issue M26 grenade, trigger across the right.

​Once you throw the grenade the trigger gets loose, and a 3 second delay is available till the detonation occurs.

That's why there is no point counting before.
Counting afterwards is meant to give the thrower's teammates an indication on time to explosion.

Helps prevent your ear drums from tearing open if not protected, and ensure no one runs into the area that's about to be covered with debris Before it does.

Now, sure, I too have seen the Hollywood heroes who let the trigger go, count till the last second and then throw (Notice the actors usually hold the trigger because they have no idea what they're doing…)
Anyway – if I had such a "hero" in my team, I'd throw him along with the grenade.

Explosives are not a toy.
You don't play with them.

How long do you count before throwing a grenade?


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