Why would anyone buy a Rolex watch?

Because – Xochielt Sanchez

Answer by Ryan Bich Tran:

Good question for me. I used to own 2 rolexes, now I wear a $12 timex. When I first got the Rolex it was nice to wear. Heavy and big, instantly noticeable to everyone around me.
But then it didn't go well with shorts and flip flops, so I had to dress well with it. Then I started to misplace it as I'm an active person. Every workout or bike ride or swim I wonder wear I left it. Then I bumped it a few times, oh crap did I scratch it? "That's 10k I may have  ruined" I thought. I then realize I didn't own the Rolex, it owned me, I was beholden to it, always worrying about it. In it's defense I was able to sell it for $500 more than I bought it for 4 years earlier.

Now I wear a $12 timex which I own, not the other way around. The other day I put a big scratch on it doing a kettlebell workout designed by Darren Beattie (very active on Quora).  Didn't bother me one bit. If I lose it I'll just buy another one 🙂

Why would anyone buy a Rolex watch?


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