Is roller skating safe?

Yes – Xochielt Sanchez

Answer by Charlotte Lang:

When I was a kid, I roller skated all the time, mostly rink skating. Never was injured.

When I was in my mid to late 20's, I decided I wanted to skate again for exercise, and because I remembered it being a lot of fun for me.

Well, like Michael J. McFadden said, I'd forgotten how to skate. It's not like riding a bike where once you learn you always remember how. So I signed up for lessons.

Well the beginning lessons were okay, but when it got to stuff I never learned how to do, like turn around and skate backwards, it was harder. And the main reason it was harder was because I was afraid to fall. With rink skating, you don't wear protective gear, so a fall can break an ankle or a wrist or an arm. In order to progress, you have to not fear falling. I was never able to overcome that fear, so I gave it up, knowing I'd never get much further.

Is roller skating safe?


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