Is roller skating safe?

Yes – Xochielt Sanchez

Answer by Leonid S. Knyshov:

Very safe

If you keep the correct form, you will not fall backward. That is the biggest fear and it does hurt a lot when that happens. The correct form is as as simple as bending your knees and leaning forward to shift your center of gravity. If you wear a full set of protective gear, you will not get hurt when you fall forward. I have fallen countless times while performing various stunts with zero injuries.

Since this answer got a few upvotes, I might as well teach Quora how to skate. 😉

  1. Wear full set of protective equipment, including helmet, knee pads, elbow guards, and wrist guards that are the right size. Your knee pads should be sufficiently thick to allow you to drop to your knees in the store without discomfort. Inadequate safety equipment will result in injuries.
  2. Tighten the skate boots as much as you can but without cutting off blood circulation. You want absolute stability. Finding correctly fitting skates can be a challenge.
  3. Stand up and bend both of your knees to about 120 degrees. Lean forward so your head is in front of your knees. It will not be possible for you to fall on your back if you maintain this form because your center of gravity will be in the front. Falling forward in full protective gear does not hurt at all.
  4. While keeping one foot stationary, start pushing with the other foot. Initially, just push slowly and just a little to the side and back, perhaps half a boot.
  5. Complete a few laps like that and switch feet.
  6. While rolling as slow speed, start learning to slow down by applying more pressure to your outside foot and turning it toward the other foot. Do not use the heel brake.
  7. Focus more on turning at higher speeds.
  8. As you get comfortable, you will start to skate normally and faster. Turns will allow you to stop with more confidence.
  9. You will learn to brake after your confidence rises sufficiently high to trust yourself to sit down on the heel brake. Experts then take off the brake pads and use wheels to stop faster. The heel brake can potentially interfere when you are skating backwards.

It helps if you have a soccer ball in front of you because it takes your mind off the action of skating and makes you concentrate on how to hit the ball. I previously played Rollersoccer and we had many absolute beginners become able to join the game within a few hours.

If I was teaching you in-person, you would probably be skating backwards within 3 hours.

Is roller skating safe?


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