Does Bendgate really matter to Apple?

– Xochielt Sanchez

Answer by Andre Gonsalves:


I was wondering how this bendgate has been blown out of proportion so quickly and started to even think Apple maybe behind it in a Machievellian way or at least enjoying it. And this all has to do with how hate gives you more promo than good does (especially online).

You see everything that's successful has a tiny minority of people that absolutely hate them. They wouldn't even help them if they were hanging off the edge of a cliff. We see this all the time happening to people and companies like Kanye, Obama and Apple. People not only hate these brands but they are also very vocal about it. Read any blog on any of these brands and see how the comment section brings out the haters. The thing is it's a small minority and ultimately a numbers game.

Nobody hates LG or Sony phones because nobody cares about those phones either. They just don't have the numbers to have haters. Apple sold over 10 million phones in a week! No company comes close to these kind of numbers. Other companies envy this kind of success and want Apple to be knocked down a few notches. Take a look at these images posted from each company's respective twitter account.

Sure they may think they are bigging themselves up and having fun but what they are really doing is giving more promotion to the iPhone. They are implicitly telling their followers, "The new iPhone is out and it's a big deal or else we would not make fun of it". It's similar to how SNL only parodies things that are popular, otherwise people wouldn't get the joke. But the thing is they are getting more people to talk about the iPhone! Now you maybe saying "Andre but they are talking about it in a negative way?". And I'll say, "You've never been successful at anything have you?".

For example, if I tell you this thing say a movie or a book or an app or a rapper sucks. And am so adament about it. You are going to wonder to yourself, "hmmm I heard it sucks but I want to see what all the hate is about". You download said app or watch said rapper's video on youtube. And guess what it doesn't suck, it's actually kind of good, in fact it's pretty awesome! It all has to do with the way our mind works, which basically is whenever we hear extremes we tend to balance them out. So if I say, "I'm the worst writer on Quora, you'll immediately think, "Oh you're not so bad, you're actually pretty good". And if I say, "I'm the best writer on Quora, you'll say "no you're not even close". The thing is either way I'll get more attention for it but I'll get more attention for the negative stuff than the positive.

Let's get back to bendgate. If Apple was really going to fall apart because of bendgate it would have happened already. Look at any business that actually had a bad product and how quickly they fell apart and went bankrupt. Look at Rebecca Black, she couldn't make another song as popular as the horribly amazing "Friday", because she doesn't have the skills. The Phabelt is Samsung's "Friday", they got lucky once, I doubt it will happen again. Try returning a bent Samsung phone to the Samsung store? Oh wait…what Samsung store? And yes they do also bend. Apple has unrivaled customer service so I wouldn't be worried if my phablet bends a little because I sat on it, just return it and lose some god damn weight!

Ultimately bendgate is the "yang" to all the amazingly good attention Apple has been receiving and happens every year and will happen next year as well. Remember millions of people own the iPhone 6 Plus, the government would be looking into it if it was actually as widespread an issue as the vocal minority haters would have you believe. Remember it only seems like a really big issue because hating on Apple is a cottage cheese industry for tech blogs and youtubers that make their money of page views.

Does Bendgate really matter to Apple?


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