Does psychology make you narrow minded?

– Xochielt Sanchez

Answer by Carl Grant:

I would say that psychology would allow a person to become more broadminded.  In this sense it's like studying history, physics, and other areas.  I would add the caveat that studied in isolation from wide cultural involvement it could make someone narrow minded. Remember we all spend immense amounts of time interacting with human beings.  We are already in a sense expert psychologists. There are many activities that can give a person a specialized understanding that is not particularly available to academic psychologists. One instance would be sports and games. Take poker as an example.  Since poker is a game of deception, it provides marvelous opportunities to learn how to read people, or detect deception.  You have to decide what an opponent is doing.  You get innumerable chance to decide, and you get to find out whether you were right or wrong.  You also get to see how people behave in situations of great pressure.  Poker players love to see academic psychologists in a high stakes poker game, to see how they handle the pressure.  Also some sub fields within psychology seem to produce psychologists whose view is quite narrow.  An example of this would be the now mostly defunct approach of Behaviorism. The behaviorists I've known seemed never to think of anything other then operant conditioning.

Does psychology make you narrow minded?


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