Why do toe nails contain so much gold?

Answer by Patti Shih:

The only possibly believable information that I can find on this is from someone’s reply to the same question posted in an online forum:

Gold in your big toe?

the highest concentrations of gold in the human body occur around the heart, a radio-isotope of gold has been developed (the Au-195 isotope), which can give an image of the blood-containing structures within the heart, a process called ‘heart-imaging’. Gold gives a heart image! In Britain this new technology has been developed in St. Bartholomew’s hospital, London. One expert described the gold used in this way as ‘a very convenient medium for rapid assessment of changes in cardiac function…'”

Skyscript: Planets and Metals

A possible source of the erroneous thinking of your friend is a diagram of a human body I came across showing the distribution of the amounts of the various elements. The relative percentages of each were shown in tranches of varying width, starting with the widest from the head downwards and in varying colours in diminishing quantity. The trace elements, e.g. gold (0.2mg average), are the smallest percentage and are shown as a narrow strip at the tips of the toes!

As to the function of gold in the human physiology, it is believed to be essential for healthy joints, in fact one treatment for rheumatoid arthritis is a weekly injection of gold salts in solution. How this ties in with the heart I do not know.

Gold in your toes?

Or maybe gold on your scalp?

Also see Wikipedia: Composition of the human body

Why do toe nails contain so much gold?


Xochielt Sanchez


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