Why do most hotels use only white linen?

Answer by Michael Forrest Jones:

When you have to buy more, white is just about the easiest color to match.

And you’re always buying more. Why? Occasionally rips are a problem, but usually it’s because of a stain that won’t come out. Which is another reason: stains show up more readily on white linen. Sometimes, stains are a good thing — they tell you that it’s time to retire that sheet or pillowcase and replace it with a new one. A guest who finds a stain on a colored sheet won’t spot it until he or she is looking at it much more up close and personal – and then he or she will be very unhappy about it.  (It’s like a law: in the mind of most guests, any mystery stain on a sheet or other bedding will be blood, or something even more disgusting.) I want my housekeepers to spot any stains on my linens before they go on the bed, and then exchange it for one that isn’t stained.

You can’t always count on getting your replacement linens in the same shade of blue, green, peach or pastel yellow that you got last time if you go with colors.

Why do most hotels use only white linen?


Xochielt Sanchez


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