What are the most overrated novels?

Answer by Cran Longwang:

I totally agree with others who have suggested The Alchemist. As deep as a puddle that one. The Secret History is another good call, although one look at the author photo gives you a pretty good idea of what you’re getting I think.

A (dis)honourable mention must go to Dan Brown. That man can not write! Add to his rubbish re number of imitators he has spawned and you enter a world of literary pain.

I once had the misfortune to start reading a title called The Alexander Cipher. I found it on a train station bench and picked it up because I had a 7 hour journey ahead of me. Without doubt the worst piece of writing I have ever read. I threw it out of the window between Chesterfield and Derby. Hopefully some rats made a nest from it.

Unfortunately, a lot of what enters the best seller charts is rubbish, because it is aimed at the mass market, and most people read for the distraction, to get lost in a story, to pass time etc etc, hence the popularity of Harry Potter and all vampire books and mum-porn titles.

Those of us who take reading [too] seriously are always going to find fault with a lot of what is popular, luckily there are more than enough wonderful books than anyone could read in a life time.

What are the most overrated novels?


Xochielt Sanchez


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